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(Il Codice Amadeus: Italian Transl.) 

Review by BOOK NEWS (translated)

Debut in style for Phillip Swann, in Italy perhaps not widely known, but in America one of the greatest writers and producers in the music scene. To debut at the typewriter could only choose its natural environment: music. 

We are located in Los Angeles, where the cash-strapped David Webber spends his days wasting his talent as a pianist in night clubs. One evening, after a dispute ended in a brawl, he finds himself being pulled out of jail just in time to answer the call of his former teacher, Henry Shoewalter, who asked him about an old score, which at the time had given. A few hours later the teacher is found murdered and David ends up becoming the prime suspect, not having an alibi and having been the last contact of the Professor alive. To make matters worse for David, you put in the mysterious disappearance of his agent JP.

Here states a race from the west coast to the east coast of the United States in search of the truth behind these crimes. At the base of the fortunes of this debut is a gripping story, full of twists and turns, in which plots and mysteries are the masters.  
There are plenty of historical references to the eighteenth century, the century of Amadeus Mozart and Benjamin Franklin.  But the real strength of the novel is Swann's the ethical and moral value that the writer wanted to commemorate the founding of the United States of America: the value of freedom and equality, regardless of their creed or color, grants everyone a chance and hope to finally feel at home.


David Webber is a man of great musical talent, a talent wasted fiddling with the piano in a bar near the airport, but his life is about to take an unexpected turn, to be overwhelmed by the ghosts of his past and the shadows of a 'age long and fascinating pounce on him like a hawk swoop. His old professor of the conservatory contacted him in the middle of the night to get back a page of the autograph score of Mozart, and the next morning the old professor is dead and agent David vanished into thin air, and so begins a daring race against time looking for a musical mystery that actually hides a lot more.

Amadeus Code of Phillip Swann is published in Italy by timeCRIME necklace, its author, known and appreciated composer and music teacher, scored with his first novel a great success with audiences and critics. This is a compelling novel, well-structured and with a syncopated rhythm and dynamic envelops the reader from the first pages, in an intricate network of mysteries and conspiracies, which fall faster in an unexpected end and intelligent. The charm of the great Austrian composer mixes in elements of American history collecting unexpected insights, mysteries and machinations that lie between the folds and the dark places of the centuries. Swann's writing is well-balanced and tense, a characteristic rare and unexpected for a rookie. The dialogues are sharp and make completeness with the charm and character of the protagonist, complex and disillusioned man who will be called from life in a new and unexpected trial. Swann’s novel moves with the rhythm of a spy story with historical and musical elements and puzzles that make it an exciting and engaging reading. A novel that runs unstoppable. A thrilling read.

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The Acorn Theatre - NYC

“The abundant score by Phillip Swann with lyrics by Mark Winkler is consistently excellent and smartly conceived.” Backstage

“The upbeat, jazzy original and tuneful score, music by Phillip Swann and lyrics by Mark Winkler is just plain terrific” Talk Entertainment

“Four Stars”  New York Theatre Examiner

“The original musical is well served by Mark Winkler’s  lyrics and the energetic music by Phil Swann” Asscociated Press

“Entertaining “ New York Times

“It boasts an infectious, jazz tinged score, lyrics by Mark Winkler and music by Phil Swann sung by a stellar 5 person cast. Sally Mayes tears the roof off the small theatre in sizzling number after number”  Theatremania

“Play It Cool strikes the right chord! The music and lyrics are a delight… I especially like “In My Drag”, “Jazz is a Special Taste” and “Scattin’ in the Moonlight”.This is one hip musical cats!” Time Square Chronicles

“Play It Cool is a must see for Jazz musical fans. It is the music that helps the audience feel the emotions.” Newark Theatre Examiner

 “The music…runs away with the show, enlivening the story arc. Phillip Swann’s tunes and Mark Winkler ‘s lyrics paint a moody, harsh portrait of a hidden society brightened only by the cool California Sound of the day .Songs like “Club Life/Welcome”, LLike Jazz” and “Play It Cool” are as snappy as the dialogue.” Curtain Up

“The smooth grooves, mostly by Phillip Swann and Mark Winkler would not sound out of place at, say the Village Gate” Chelsea Now

“Swann’s music is harmonically complex, and it has the rhythm and fluency of bebop jazz improvisation… Chris Hoch brings a resonant baritone to “Happy Ending” and Michael McGuirk more than holds his own as an actor who can sing with his poignant “How Do I Go Home Tonight?”      Solomon Says

“It indeed does Play It Cool…most notably in it’s score, comprised of songs that double as jazz pastiche and musical theatre character numbers” Show Business

“Cast all your cares away and be transported to a land of jazz ecstasy .” Oscar E. Moore

Age of Opportunity
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"His melodies are so ear-appealing and his piano accompaniment for his own vocals is so fluid and gracious..."

"He doesn't sound like he's performing as much as just opening up and sharing." 

"It's passionate without being perfervid or wimpy-limp, and the crooning voice will end lines with a strong, forceful note and then ease back into the dewy eyes and rose petals."

"The ultimate combo valentine/ thank-you card?"

"The lyrical word play is a delight in this sideways but ultimately sympathetic look at an aging fellow who's "in between and on the fence/ The future's now his present tense/ He's moving on with nowhere left to go.""

"The heart is plainly on the sleeve or in the throat and one can see why modern country artists seeking to pour out such hearts in such songs have flocked to Swann as a songwriter."

"...a refreshingly low-key self-examination about being honest, sung gently but thoughtfully..."

Rob Lester - Talkin' Broadway

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